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Lentil Soup

We always thrive to spend less time in the kitchen while cooking a delicious nutritious meal. I always found lentil soup is a great appetizer that could be a good replace the main course. Lentil soup is famous all around the world. Every region has a different good recipe.

I created this recipe when my children were little. They continuously rejected vegetables at their early age.

The veggies in the ingredients could be seasonal. For example, in fall I replace carrots with butternut squash and zucchini with broccoli. You simply can be creative. All you need is to have the sense of matching flavors in order not to end up having an odd taste.

From My Kitchen to Yours with Love


1 cup of red lentil (washed)

1 medium size potato

10 baby carrots

1 kusa or zucchini

1 onion

4 gloves of garlic

5 cups of water or chicken broth

2 table spoon of butter

Salt, pepper, cumin, and paprika


Cut all veggies in big pieces

Put all ingredients in a bowl

Bring it to boil then turn the stove to medium low and leave it for 30 minutes

Blend the mix in a blender or hand mixer until it's smooth

Add a squeeze of a fresh lemon to the serving plate

Add a dash of cayenne pepper if you like it spicy

You can prepare pita bread chips to mix with the soup when serving

Bon Appetite

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