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The Divine Vacation, Isra’ & Mi’raj

The event of Isra’ and Mi’raj was a milestone in the history of Islam. The exhausting 11 year of calling Quraish to Islam without any significant return except for more struggle and escalation ended by the years of boycott in the valley of Abu Talib, then the death of both Khadija RA and Abu Talib who formed the support system for him PBUH in the past 11 years, then the crucial trip to Al-Ta’ef and last but not least, to enter Macca only under the protection (jiwar) of Almut’em Ibn Udai since Quraish prevented the messenger of Allah PBUH from coming back to his hometown and threatened his life.

This trip came to wipe the sadness and pain off the heart of the beloved prophet PBUH and to replace with pleasant, and to reward him with what suits Allah’s generosity and suits the messenger’s PBUH status, and to prepare him for a new phase of da’wa; taking into consideration that the series of tribulations never encouraged the prophet PBUH to slow down his duties that were assigned to him by Allah. Instead, it led him to seek Allah’s mercy, forgiveness, and satisfaction. Patience combined with good manners were his way to hold on tight to the rope of Allah despite all of the challenges.

"Oh, Allah, I appeal to you for the weakness in my strength, and my limited power, and the treatment of contempt and humiliation from people. To you, the most Merciful of all the Merciful ones, you are the Lord of the oppressed, and you are my Lord

Under whose care are you leaving me to? To an enemy oppressing me? Or to a friend you have given control of my affair? If there is no anger from you on me I will forever be content. However, your blessing is vastly important for me

I seek refuge with the glory of your light, which the heavens and earth are lit form, your anger will not befall on me, nor your displeasure descends on me

To you is the supplication until you are pleased, and there is no control or power except by you"

There is no doubt that the prophet PBUH went onto this trip by his body and soul as the verse explains. It was not a dream otherwise the people of Macca wouldn’t be surprised nor confused.

{glorified is He who took his servant on a journey by night from Al-Masjid AL-Haram to Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa the surrounding of which we have blessed so that We might show him some of our signs. Verily he is all hearing, all seeing} 17:1

The trip was on two levels, horizontal from Macca to Al-Aqsa, and vertical from Al-Aqsa to Sidratul Muntaha, the furthest point any heaven inhabitant can reach; yet the prophet was allowed beyond that point while angle Jibril was not allowed any further. He told the prophet PBUH: “if you enter, you glow; but if I enter, I burn”

In Jerusalem he met his siblings (the prophets AS), and he led them in salat, this indicates that the messenger PBUH is the seal of the prophets and his message is universal. He was offered water, wine, and milk; he chose milk which made Jibril AS comment upon this choice: "you were guided to the best of your umma by choosing the milk which links to the pure instinct (fitra) that Allah created every human with it"

In the vertical trip, he was able to go beyond the destination that any advanced science in our days could reach. He had seen many views of the unseen {the greatest signs of his Rab} 53:18 like the skies and its inhabitant among the prophets and messengers, the heavens, the hell, and angles. He saw Jibril AS once more in his real shape, Jibril AS had 600 stunning wings with falling pearls and emerald. The first time he saw Jibril in his real shape was at the first revelation, all other times Jibril AS used to come in different formation.

{indeed, he saw him a second time (13) by the lote-tree at the utmost boundary (14) near to it is the paradise of peace (15) when the lote-tree is covered by that which covered it (16) his gaze did not swerve aside, nor did it wander beyond the bounds (17) certainly He saw some of the greatest sign of his Rabb} 53:13-18

The most important event during this trip that he was in the presence of Allah Almighty.

Ayesha RA was asked if the prophet PBUH saw his Creator, she relied: “whoever would say that the prophet PBUH saw his Creator is a liar because Allah said in the holy Quran: {no vision can recognize Him} 6:103”

Let’s underline the fact that he PBUH was in the presence of Allah Almighty and he spoke to Him. Allah had deposited the divine secrets in the messenger’s blessed heart then sent him back to earth with an important mission, a mission that every Muslim should perform until their last breath, the prayer!

He came back to Macca on the same night! No wonder since Al-Buraq is faster than the light speed. He came back to tell the real story that had happened to him during that blessed night of the month of Rajab, People of Macca had different reactions to what they’ve heard but there was one who never doubted a word of what the messenger of Allah ever said, it was Abu Baker AL-Siddiq RA.

The messenger of Allah never had a vacation or a break since the first revelation, yet Allah chose the nighttime for this divine vacation; when Macca is asleep, and the prophet PBUH worship time has just started. The reason for that is to avoid any shortcoming in regards of his daily responsibilities: the call of spreading da’wa, teaching Muslims the rituals of their deen, and helping his family at home. This is a lesson that we should learn, to stand for our duties and never jeopardies it for anything, knowing that Allah will always choose the right time for a purposeful and joyful vacation.

Nighttime refers to those who have a high rank in the sight of Allah, those who stand for worship Him when everyone is sleeping, those whom Allah has chosen to be the custodians of the deen ( the awalia’)

Just like this trip had two destinations, vertical and horizontal, the trip has two dimensions in regard of signs and lessons, let's contemplate:

· The horizontal dimension reflects the rank of our beloved messenger among his siblings (the prophets) AS and the kin bond between all of them. It also reflects the significance of Al-Aqsa as the transit point to the sky in order to be distinguished as the third of the holly lands after Macca and Madina.

The prophet PBUH said: “Do not set out in a journey except for three masajid; Al-Masjid AL-haram (the Mosque of Allah’s Apostle), and my Masjid (the Mosque of Madina), and Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa (the Mosque of Jerusalem)”

· As of the vertical dimension, it reflects the connection between earth and heaven, between the servant and his Lord, between the worshiper and Allah whom we direct our hearts to him when we pray.

The messenger PBUH had his Mi’raj at that night, we too have the chance to have our own Mi’raj to Allah every time we stand in prayer assuming that we complete our wudu and salat in the proper manner, on the proper time, and in a state of a present heart!

_ to be continued

Raghad Bushnaq


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