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Who Are We?

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

What a unique creation we are!

A combination of a fist of earth clay and a blow of Allah’s soul. A very unique creation that Allah created with a purpose and goal!

Angels were created from light, they were not given a choice but to believe and obey the Creator. For that reason, Allah will not hold them accountable on the Day of Judgement because they were not granted any other choice. They are the source of comfort, light, and happiness wherever they are present.

Jinn were created after angels and before humans. Allah created them from a smokeless flame of fire, they are fiery creatures and that is where harm may come from. The disbelieving Jinn are called shayateen, they are found in areas that lack cleanliness, purity, or places that promote a sinful life. They are the source of misery and ambiguity.

Humans were created later, from a fist of earthly clay and a blow of Allah’s soul. Clay is a source of calm and coolness unlike the fire which emanates heat and harmfulness.

{He created the man, Adam, from the clay like the pottery / and has created jinn from a flame of fire} 55:15

The human’s spectrum can’t see the angel’s luminous creatures nor the jinn, but angels and jinn can see us.

{O children of Adam! Do not let Satan deceive you as he tempted your parents out of Paradise and caused their cover to be removed in order to expose their nakedness. Surely, he and his soldiers watch you from where you cannot see them. We have made the devils allies of those who disbelieve} 7:27

The message of Islam has reached both the jinn and humans. Some choose to believe while others choose not to. Everybody will be held accountable to their choices, whether their choice will raise them to a higher place close to angels or bring them down with the devils.

{and I have not created the jinn and humans except to worship Me} 51:56

The instinct, or fitra, is the guide to faith. It’s not an absolute mind, nor an absolute emotion. It is a mixture of both. The brain believes in cause, while the true emotion leads to effect. Faith satisfies the needs of the fitra which will reflect later on the soul and body. A good nutritious regimen, on the other hand, nourishes the body and keeps it healthy, while the soul needs faith to uplift it.

{then, one who walks fallen on his face, is he a better guided or that who walks upright on a straight way} 67:23

A baby is born with a pure instinct, or fitra, which leads it to its Creator until something interrupts it or someone teaches it otherwise. Raising a child in an uplifting spiritual atmosphere is the key to guide him or her to their Creator, because it is impactful and can be contagious.

Choosing who you associate with will have an impact on your beliefs and principles, that is the thing that will reflect on your behavior and your relationship with Allah. A satanic environment has its negative effect on those who associate with it. A spiritual association lifts the human status and motivates us when we meet with scholars and teachers, the same happens when we attend a thikr session or a spiritual halaqa. This is the core of the deen, the true fitra.

{so direct your face to the religion of pure faith inclined to truth, as an upright by nature upon which Allah originated mankind, there is no alteration of laws in the creation of Allah} 30:30

There is a popular Arabic proverb that describes someone who has missed something important, it says: you have wasted half of your life. So now imagine a person who has lost the soul of the life or the life of the soul?

“Oh Allah! What did he gain the one who left You?! And what did he lose the one who found You?!” - A pious man once said

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