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A Childhood Memory

Some memories are hard to forget, no matter how old we grow. In fact, they become more vivid and joyous with time. One of the most significant memories that brings happiness to my heart was at my grandparents' garden where the entire family used to gather every afternoon.

I can still hear the splashing of the round fountain in my ears. My aunt used to cut watermelons for me in small pieces and she would make sure that she removed every hidden seed. She would whisper in my ear as she passed the watermelon plate to me, "You are the most adorable girl". She was the spine of the house.

On top of that fountain grew a jasmine tree that laid its delicate branches all around it. The exquisite jasmine blossoms continuously fell everywhere. My job was to collect them while my aunt would hand me a thread with a needle and teach me how to make a jasmine flower necklace. This became my hobby all summer long. I relate my love of beading today to the jasmine threading I did in my early childhood.

In the corner of the garden lay a three tired fountain where water came down like a waterfall. Fruit trees were aligned all along the wall all around the garden. There were fruits of Aki Dunia (Loquat), Narenj (Bitter Orange) Kabbad (Citron), Janerek (Green Plums), Toot Shami (Blackberry), and last but not least, the exceptional Lemon tree for its blossom’s fragrance.

In addition to threading jasmine flower necklaces, I loved filling a bucket of water out of the fountain to help my aunt wash the tiled floor. It used to feel refreshing to put my feet in the dulcet Feejeh water and play with it, which was cold and brisk.

I can hear the Athan calling from multiple minarets that sound like a symphony of thikr while the birds' chirp and add to the beauty of the magnificent call to prayer. My aunt used to drop everything to go perform her prayer. She was a true believer in the simplest way anyone could imagine. I learned from her the value of family and the love of life. Her words to me were the words of love and care. All my beautiful dresses were made by her as she was a famous seamstress. May she rest in peace.

As a child, my character was shaped to be like the jasmine tree, the Damascene white flower with its kind, delicate, beautiful, charming, and elegant blooms. Living away from Syria made me more attached to every beautiful detail in my childhood in that blessed spot; throughout history, it was called Sham Shareef for its nobility and high status. I belong to that beautiful spot in the world.

I will share with you on The Jasmine Tree page reflections and insight that will charge your energy and brighten your vision and guide you to the best of causes and shape your style of life in the best of ways, God willing.

Life is a short journey, together we can make it a happy journey.

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